Dry Ridge and Verge Systems

Dry ridge and verge systems have been designed over the past few years from companies such as Marley, Klober, Manthorpe and several other companies. These units have been designed to make roofs mortar free and in turn maintenance free.

PVC Dry Verge is specially designed to block any gaps that could permit birds or large insects entering the roof space. It makes an attractive, no-maintenance edging to any roof in either slate or tile. It cane be fitted to existing buildings to replace falling mortar, cover any unsightly haps and stop any falling debris. They can be used on new builds, existing properties and the units come in a rage of colours: blue, black, brown and white.


Slate is a natural product unlike many other roof products, more expensive than artificial man-made products such as concrete tiles, but has a greate lifespan and is exceptionally durable in comparison. Slates have an expected lifespan of seventy-five years compared with as little as a twelve year lifespan for artificial materials such as concrete tiles. Slate also retains its natural colour even in UV light and is impermeable to water and stands the test of time.

Two of the more popular slates in the UK ‘The Welsh Blue’ and ‘The Welsh Purple’ slates are commonly found on roofs in York. Welsh slate is generally regarded as the finest slate in the world; it has been used for many centuries on all kinds of buildings and houses. Welsh slate is proven to be the toughest natural slate product known to man. It has the longest lifecycle when compared to any other slate and is available in a wide variety of colours.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

Tiles are a man-made substitute for slate and was formed as a cheaper alternative to using slate for our roofs. There is a wide range of clay and concrete tiles and fittings available. There are interlocking and double lap tiles available from several suppliers and costs vary from tile to tile – suppliers like Sandtoft, Redland, Marley Russel to name a few. These tiles are mainly machine made and concrete tile technology has developed different colours and finishes which replicate the appearance of slate and other traditional roof cover as well as many different colours.

Felt Roof

Pour and roll membranes are applied onto roofs by using hot bitumen. Bitumen is bi product of the petrol refining industry. Bitumen is supplied in 25kg blocks or tubs it is then usually broken up on site and heated in a specialist boiler until it is molten. Once at the correct temperature it is ladled into buckets- some boilers have taps to ease this process.

The felt for flat roofing is set out and cut to length. It is then rolled back- One operative will pour the molten bitumen on to the surface and the other will roll the felt over allowing the bitumen to squeeze out of each side. The surplus is then wiped over with wallpaper stripper.

The finish layer will usually have a mineral or slate chipped finish impregnated into the surface of the felt. Keeping this free of surplus bitumen. Using a roll and pour method is very skilled- that’s why most companies that install flat roofing will now only use a torch on felt systems.

Most modern operatives wouldn’t now know how to roll and pour a final mineral surface top layer. A rolled and poured roof is the king of felt roofing. The bond created is arguably stronger than the bond that is created when using a self adhesive or torch on membrane, but there are some drawbacks. Applying a membrane in this way is a skilled technique that will require the use of a professional roofer. There are fewer companies now who have the skills and equipment to carry out this type of installation, and it is more expensive, but applied correctly it is the Rolls Royce of felt roofing.

We are traditional pour and roll hot bitumen specialists. We believe still to this day that a high performance flat roof system, if installed correctly, is one of the best on the market. Torch on felt has replaced Pour and roll.

Torch on Felt

Torch on felt roofing, or torch-down roofing as it is also known, is a flat roof covering solution that involves three layers of modified bitumen (felt) melt-welded onto the roof surface and each other with the use of a blowtorch to create an impenetrable, waterproof seal.

Torch on felt roofing has become known for its long lasting durability. This kind of roofing is not effected by UV rays or hot sunlight and equally protects against wind and rain. It is durable so falling twigs, debris or branches do not run the risk of piercing its surface. This kind of roofing can even be walked upon in some instances, if necessary.

Torch on felt roofing is not the cheapest option on the market but the long term value it offers makes it a smart choice. There are more expensive options out there such as GRP roofing, and whilst it has additional benefits, it is understandable that you want a cost effective solution. Felt roofing is an affordable middle ground option. It is designed to protect against all weather conditions and is resistant to tears and leaks. This long term value also equals low maintenance.

Triple Protection: One layer of vented felt and double protection of high performance felt, laid in the traditional and proven way with hot bitumen.

Tough Polyester Base: Provides superb fatigue and tear resistant technology.

Good Thermal Performance: Rot proof, with a choice of finish – green mineral and lime stone chipping.


Twenty-five years workmanship and material guarantee. Fire retardent, no seams, joints or welds.

Extremely durable: Will withstand foot traffic as standard. Many colours available and maintenance free.

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